About Batterjee Education and Training Academy – BETA

The History of Batterjee Education and Training Academy - BETA

Thanks to the conscious vision and insights of the Late Sheikh Abdul JailL Batterjee (May Allah have mercy on him), it was he who realized that the Saudi Community is in need of educational establishments specialized in training, developing, and rehabilitating human proficiencies taking into consideration the application and utilization of modern technologies and technical equipment that participate in its success, as well as providing educational opportunities for all Saudi Arabia citizens and residents of its blessed lands. Moreover, this would fulfill the requirements of labor market and its development in the specialties it needs including diploma holders, in addition to training and developing on-job employees or job seekers who search for job opportunities that are compatible with their qualifications, experience, and training and developmental courses they have and are eye-catching to the labor market.

BETA Academy was established in 2013. It is located in North Obhur– Jeddah – Saudi Arabia. It is registered in the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation under the name of “Al-Massar Institute for Higher Vocational Training for Men” and “Al- Massar Institute for Higher Vocational Training for Women”. The academy also has obtained the accreditation of its own certificates from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation in 2014.

The Academy has started its academic programs for Business Administration Diploma in English and Marketing Diploma in Arabic. The Academy has been also equipped with the most modern educational and training technologies that offer the interactive educational environment to its students through equipping classrooms and training rooms with the most developed technologies. In addition, the Academy offers intensive English Language courses for all levels and ages for both males and females in order to improve and develop their linguistic abilities.

Upon their graduation, fulfilling the requirements for each specialty, and passing the final exams, the Academy students will obtain a graduation certificate accredited and authenticated by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation – TVTC.

Batterjee Education and Training Academy completely realizes the significance of the openness to the world. Accordingly, we do offer different educational opportunities in order to support this claim. Getting a diploma degree from Batterjee Education and Training Academy allow you to expand your horizons and it is also a basic factor for your success. These are the reasons behind BETA’s partnerships with a group of highly revered universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia which aim at taking part in preparing student to complete their studies nationally and get their Bachelor Degrees in a number of specialties offered by the Academy. This would grant our student a great opportunity of easy access to international human power.

Our Mission :

BETA seeks excellence and precedence in fulfilling the demands of the labor market depending on national and international criteria. The academy is committed to preparing students with skill-based learning and training which is capable of developing their proficiencies and entrepreneurship. We believe in innovation, excellence, commitment, and quality.

Our Vision :

To become a pioneer educational and vocational entity that provides the community with the best qualitative, innovative, and up-to-date scientific and technological education, and excel in presenting perpetual, outstanding training strategies.