Our Key Success

Key Success

  • Exquisitely long experience in education and training in scientific, medical services, and health care fields
  • Saudi German Hospitals Group which is the largest private foundation for health care services in the Middle East and North Africa and its remarkable contributions in offering facilities for clinical skills training and cooperative training for our distinguished students
  • Our educational experience that has aroused with Saudi German Nursing Institutes Group in KSA
  • Our featured and prominently successful educational experience that is acquired through Batterjee College for Medical Sciences
  • The foundation of Batterjee Education and Training Academy has contributed in forming and laying down an institutional approach in order to accomplish the educational process in all fields and specializations that are compatible with Saudi Arabia vision 2030

BETA has basic pillars that comprise its core values

  • Adhering to our Islamic ethics and teachings
  • Endless belief that learners are capable of lifelong learning
  • Talented faculty: passionate and creative about their subject areas and capable of promoting the expansion of students involvement in creative thinking
  • Proficiency-based curricula that enhances students’ motivations and initiative
  • Practical and adaptable training that nurture the trainees’ creativity and achievement
  • Community involvement in the academic process and apprenticeship