Reasons to Join BETA

The Basic Reasons That Urges You to Join BETA

Batterjee Education and Training Academy (BETA) presents exquisite advantages in the fields of featured academic education, training and rehabilitation development that all aim at your promotion to the highest scientific levels as well as building a better future for your practical life and obtain the best job opportunities as follows:

  1. The Academic Diplomas (Al-Massar Higher Vocational Training Institute for Males/Females) accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation supported by English Language.
  2. Super English Language Programs convenient for all the stages and levels, IELTS Preparation Courses and IELTS Official Tests certified by the British Council
  3. IELTS Testing Center accredited and certified by the British Council in Jeddah
  4. All the courses are linked with the Saudi labor market to guarantee the maximum achievement and benefit
  5. The educational environment and atmosphere that distinguish BETA’s campus and facilities guarantee a spacious environment that spreads a spirit of creativity
  6. A highly qualified educational and academic faculty that is accredited from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation who have obtained the highest scientific degrees that enables them to transfer the science and knowledge to the students and trainees
  7. Academic premises that are equipped with the latest tools, equipment, and educational technologies that help develop and create the suitable educational atmosphere
  8. Competitive fees
  9. Preparing students to complete their Bachelor degree
  10. Featured by offering training, vocational and rehabilitation courses that go with the needs and requirements of the labor market in order to develop skills and proficiencies and guarantee job stability and security for the trainees.
  11. Specialized Medical Courses through the Medical Education Development and Life Support Training Center